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Cordelia walked beside him, leaning on his left arm. She
was very pale.

A voice from the crowd called out to her, "Don't you
worry, Miz MacDonald, well take keer of him."

She gave no sign of having heard. Professor Ball raised his
bandaged hand in decorous salute.

A scuffling began at the point in the crowd where the voice
had called. Another voice cried, "Hit him again!" The
soldiers tried to force a way into the crowd toward the spot;
but they could not. Then the disturbance was over.

At the courthouse door the soldiers stopped them. While
the women waited just inside, one of the soldiers patted the
men's pockets and waistbands. Professor Ball, looking
straight ahead, seemed unaware of the searching hands on

" They ain't got nothing/' the soldier said, stepping back.

" You can go in now," the lieutenant told them.

It was that way every day for three days, in the morning
and in the afternoon when the court resumed, the crowd
thinner each time but still there, the soldiers around the
courthouse yard, where the grass showed an incongruous
fresh green as of some pasture corner, and the soldiers at the
door. And with Professor Ball, it was the same every day,
and with Cordelia. Professor Ball sat in the courtroom, very
erect, with his eyes fixed before him as though he were pay-
ing no attention to what was going on, and his bandaged
hands lying on his bony knees, as passive as stones. Cordelia
walked beside him, leaning on his left arm, or sat beside him
in the courtroom, still holding his arm; but her glance rarely
wavered from her husband's face. As for Doctor MacDonald,
he leaned back in his chair, at ease but alert to what was
going on, with his brown hands lying on the table-top before
him. Or he inclined his head to hear some remark which
his lawyer made in an undertone to him. Once, when almost
everybody was watching a witness, Doctor MacDonald—Mr.
Munn was almost sure—winked, with an air of sly humour,
at Cordelia. Mr. Munn turned, as quickly as he dared, to